Expo 2020 Dubai preps: Gvt looks for more expert service providers

by Editorial Team
2 minutes read

As Government prepares for the next world expo, the Expo 2020 which is set to be held in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates from October to April 2021, it continues to look for experts in various specialist areas to enable the country to put its best foot forward during the global showcase.

This came to the fore last week when it published a request for expressions of interest notices in the local print media looking for the services of a digital solutions outfit to develop and or host a website and mobile application for Zimbabwe’s exhibition effort.

“(T)he Office of the President and Cabinet (which is spearheading the country’s participation at the global exhibition) seeks the services of a digital solutions company or agency for the development and/or hosting of a web application (website) and mobile application to support Zimbabwe’s showcase. The agency will work hand in hand with the National Co-ordinating Committee in automating processes for Expo 2020 Dubai as well as creating and supporting Zimbabwe’s exhibition digital platforms,” read the notice which was issued by the Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Dr Martin Rushwaya.

Dr Rushwaya also issued another request for expression of interest notice looking for projects profiling and data gathering and presentation experts to work the Expo 2020 Dubai National Co-ordinating Committee.

“One of the major thrusts of Zimbabwe’s show case will be characterised by mobilising favourable investment and trade. Therefore, the office of the President and Cabinet requires the services of an expert or agency in data gathering and projects profiling and presentation to augment work of the National Co-ordinating Committee.

“Among other tasks, the agency or expert will be required to review all provided (trade and investment) opportunities such as (the country’s) vast minerals, arable land, number of dams, highest literacy rate into ready project proposals in consultation with relevant and selected stakeholders. In addition, the consultant should be able to train content developers,” Dr Rushwaya said in the notice.

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