Showmasters leverages coronavirus business opportunities

by Editorial Team
1 minutes read

One of Zimbabwe’s top exhibition stand designers and suppliers, Showmasters is using the current coronavirus-induced lull in activity in the business events sector to manufacturer various items used in the handling of people affected by the pandemic. The company stated this in a statement recently.

“As we await things to return to normal and exhibitions to come back, we have customised our booths to be used as isolation booths when someone is found to have symptoms of COVID-19, TESTING booths to check temperature and administer the COVID19 tests. We have developed the system for sanitisation booths (which) as a person walks through the booth, sanitiser will spray on them,” said the company.

The company has come up with a mechanism to prevent the spread of the disease in businesses through coughing and sneezing.

“(The) most popular item we are selling (are) the sneeze guards which protect …employees should a client or colleague they are serving sneezes or coughs,” read part of the statement

The company is also hiring out cubicles for use as isolation booths, testing booths or sanitisation booths.


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