ZITF Co celebrates GED 2020

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The Zimbabwe International Trade Fair Company (ZITF Co), last week joined the rest of the world in celebrating the Global Exhibitions Day (GED) on 3 June.

The company commemorated the event, which is celebrated every year since 2016, by posting messages from its managers on social media platforms such as twitter affirming the role of exhibitions in economic recovery post-COVID19 in line with this year’s theme: “Exhibitions are key to rebuilding economies.”

The company’s acting general manager, Nick Ndebele’s GED message highlighted the need to view the challenges currently besetting the exhibition and other business events as presenting opportunities for improving the industry through initiatives such as the adoption of technology going forward.

“The coronavirus-induced crisis in the MICE sector has made all of us underdogs over a few days in the opening quarter of 2020. But guess what, that makes all of us potential comeback stories that will one day define our careers. So for now, we have technology and we have no choice. Coronavirus-induced turmoil presents a burning platform that has ignited emergence of virtual exhibitions. That is typical “crisis as opportunity,” Ndebele said.

“In whatever model, exhibitions will remain an ideal marketing platform to meet and network with a broad spectrum of representatives across different industries and their value chains, establish direct contacts with decision makers and show case the latest products, technologies and services to a market. Boxing or business, every comeback is a function of the depth and breadth of both the plunge and the revival that follows. The universality of the current crisis demands wide collaboration, it calls for entire value chains to tackle the challenge from multiple angles,” said the ZITF Co boss.

ZITF Co Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Stella Nkomo highlighted in her GED message that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, exhibitions would continue to play a central role in businesses and global trade.

“No doubt, COVID-19 has remodelled the concept of exhibitions and the art of exhibiting. However, what has not been lost is the strategic role of exhibitions for companies and the nation at large. Boosting sales, customer relationship management (CRM), image building, enhancing economic activity and positioning the country favourably on the global trade map are some of benefits that the platform brings. Going forward, our focus is now on incorporating digital value-adds and enhancing safety and health aspects so that the tool does not lose its significance in the face of COVID-19,” said Nkomo.

The company’s Logistics and Space Manager, Edson Nyambo underscored the importance of exhibitions in the marketing of business products and services.

“Exhibitions draw people and business relations closer. A 15-minute discussion with a prospective client at an expo can become the starting point for a long-lasting business relationship which your other marketing communication efforts (may) have failed to do,” read Nyambo’s message.

The Bulawayo-based ZITF Co is the organiser of the ZITF and its concurrent shows as well as other standalone expositions such as the Mining, Engineering and Transport exhibition (MineEntra).

GED was set aside by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) to highlight the exhibition industry’s benefits for global economies and the fun of working in the industry. The first GED was held on 8 June 2016. The ZITF Co is a UFI member.








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