ZAS 2020: A foretaste of the exhibition new normal

by Editorial Team
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The Zimbabwe Agricultural Society (ZAS) has indicated that its annual event, the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show, is set to be held from 28 to 31 October 2020 under very strict conditions as part of containing the spread of the coronavirus.

According to a report by The Herald, the number of exhibitors participating in the show has been limited to 600 and visitors restricted to 500 an hour. The event is expected to be held under very high levels of social distancing and enforcement of protective clothing. The show’s duration has also been reduced from the traditional six to four days.

“The show shall be strictly a business show only with a maximum of 600 exhibitors to facilitate social distancing between exhibits,” ZAS head of programmes and public affairs, Roberta Katunga was quoted as having said.

“Business to business visits shall be limited to 500 people per hour to ensure social distancing of two metres is adhered to. Business visitors shall be restricted to visiting not more than 10 stands,” Katunga told the daily.

The ZAS publicity official highlighted that the society would carry out temperature checks at every entrance and sanitiser booths placed at all strategic places such as hall entrances. Katunga also added that grounds and halls would be disinfected four times a day during the show.

“Drone surveillance shall be used to manage the show with specially marked tickets being issued to control business and visitor movement, showing how long one can stay for the show and, no vehicular movement shall be allowed in the park,” Katunga said.

If the show goes ahead as planned, it is likely to provide a template for future exhibitions. The National Association of Agricultural Show Societies of Zimbabwe (NASZ) in May announced the rescheduling of its provincial agricultural shows mostly to the last quarter of the year. ZAS is a member of the association. If the exhibition succeeds, most future shows are set to be held under similar condition until the pandemic has been eradicated. It is likely to be the new exhibition normal for the foreseeable future,

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