MAZ introduces men’s marketing networking event

by Editorial Team
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The Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) has introduced an informal meeting and networking event for its male members. The maiden edition of the event has been pencilled for 30 April in Harare.

The event, which is named Pachoto, is modelled along the lines of the traditional fireside forums where young and old men sat and discussed issues with the former learning from the latter about various aspects of life. Pachoto is a chiShona language word meaning by the fireside.

“People have sat around fire relaxing and telling stories for hundreds of thousands of years. This was also used as an opportunity for the elders to impart wisdom to the young ones as well as an information sharing platform for the men. The idea was to pass knowledge from man to man,” read part of MAZ’s social media communication to its membership on the issue this week.

“With that (fireside forums) concept in mind, MAZ has brought you Pachoto, a very informal event exclusively for men. This is an event where men come together to share ideas and discuss several other issues,” read part of the communication.

Nyaradzo Group founder Chief Executive Officer, Phillip Mataranyika is set to be the speaker of the maiden edition of the event, which will be held at Gava’s Restaurant in Belgravia, Harare.

 “Our speaker for the first edition will be Phillip Mataranyika, founder and CEO of (the) Nyaradzo Group. Nyati (Mataranyika) will be taking us through how he started his business, how he funded (the) business as well as how he is balancing (the demands of) business and family among other issues,” the association said.

The planned event comes after MAZ’s Women in Marketing High Tea event, which was held in Harare on 16 April in Harare.

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