MAZ reassures market of Superbrand process transparency

by Editorial Team
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The Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ), which organises the annual Superbrand Awards, has assured its stakeholders that the process involved in the selection and awarding of winning companies and brands is professional and transparent.  

Posting on its social media pages yesterday, the marketers’ professional body highlighted that businesses do not pay or apply to be considered for the awards.

“For a brand to be deemed a Superbrand it requires the consistent management of the company’s values, beliefs and product quality – not just at the head office or factory but wherever a brand touches the consumer,” MAZ said in the post.

The association underlined the fact that its Superbrand Awards were underpinned by the involvement of the consumer and research.

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“The reputation and credibility of the Superbrand awards lie in its process. The selection and awarding of brands are consumer-based. In line with international norms, the shortlisting and awarding of brands is based on nationwide consumer research and then an evaluation by the adjudication team. Only those brands with the highest scores from the consumer research are granted the Superbrand title,” read part of MAZ’s post.

According to MAZ: “The Superbrand concept is an international concept that has been adopted in Zimbabwe since 2009. It aims to identify brands that are performing above and beyond others within the market. This concept identifies and pays tribute to exceptional brands by recognizing, rewarding, and reinforcing leading brands, be they local or international brands it also gives ordinary customers an insight into the significant brands that touch their lives.”

This year’s edition of the Superbrand Awards, which is the fourteenth, is set to be held on 25 November at the Rainbow Towers Hotel and Conference Centre in Harare under the theme: “Brand relevance and dominance in the age of the new customer.” Zambia Institute of Marketing (ZIM) President, Mwewa Besa is expected to be the guest speaker at the event. 

The association’s post came against increasing disquiet by the market over the questionable selection process of some awards run by some companies and organisations in Zimbabwe. The market has raised a red flag over some award entities which approach some businesspeople and companies with awards in exchange for money.

Some companies and institutions involved in awards have also been accused of dangling awards to potential sponsors in exchange for money. This has resulted in an anomalous situation where sponsors win awards at events they bankrolled.

These malpractices have negatively affected the reputation, credibility and value of awards as business events and rewards for quality work and brands in the eyes of the market.  

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