6 Common misconceptions about event planners

by Editorial Team
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Simbarashe Able Mukondo

People have their own way of viewing event planners and event planning as a whole. There are a lot of misconceptions about the event planning profession. In this article, I will discuss a number of misconceptions that people have about the event planning profession, especially from a third-world country perspective.

1. Small events do not require a professional event planner.

This is the reason why most small events are boring despite being based on brilliant concepts. Being an event planner is a lot of things and if you are not one you might miss a thing or two that would take out the brilliance from your event. If you do not want to spend much money on hiring an event planner, at least consult one and ask them: I’ve done a, b, c what’s left or what should I improve? They assist you with ideas and maybe some contacts. You pay them for the consultation and you’re done. Go and improve your event.

2. All event planners can be wedding planners

Most people think that any event planner is capable of planning anything, but unfortunately no. That is why there are various types of planners such as party planners, corporate event planners and wedding planners among others. When you are looking for a planner, you should know the type you want and hire accordingly. If you are looking at becoming a planner, find a niche, specialise and become an expert at it.

3. Anyone can be an event planner

Well, some think, anyone can be an event planner, well no! It takes a lot of learning. It is not just a matter of saying we have a wedding, we need cake, food, venue, decor, sound, and MC. It is way more than that. You need to approach it from many sides. You need to have entrepreneurial, managerial, leadership, artistic creativity and marketing skills among others.

You don’t just wake up and say: “Oh oh I am now an event planner”. You should study, learn, and be willing to learn because the event industry moves very fast and you need to be able to adapt and accept correction.

If you’re looking for a planner and you don’t want a half-done job make sure that they are just not wannabe event planners. They should know what they do.

4. Event planners are expensive

I’d say they are fair. If you think that they’re expensive, then you don’t understand their job. They are the ones who are responsible for the success of your event. They literally breathe life into it. If you don’t understand their work then, you should probably not hire one.

5. Event planners work for you

Event planning involves teamwork. Event planners don’t work for you, they work WITH you. They will not behave as one of your employees that you tell to jump and they ask how high. They will criticise your views and choices, they will question them and also in return, you should do the same. I believe if I criticise your idea and you criticise mine, the point that we will settle for will almost be perfect.

They will expect you to do your part as you expect them to do theirs. Let them plan your event as you have hired them to, and don’t make their job hard by trying to re-plan the event yourself. If you didn’t need them, why did you hire them in the first place?

6. Event planners are superhuman

Well event planners are humans. They get tired. They breakdown. They forget. They feel pain.  They are not miracle workers. If your budget is not enough, do not expect them to work a miracle. They will try their best but don’t expect miracles.

Try by all means not to exchange words with or insult them. If conflicts develop between you and them, try appropriate conflict resolution methods. You wouldn’t want a disgruntled planner, planning your event. It’ll be a disaster.

Yes, when event planning things get heated up. When pressure builds, both ends might end up breaking down. Planners have ways to manage it, but if they fail to, understand them. They’re still humans, like you.

Simbarashe Able Mukondo is the Chief Executive Officer at Varisync Planners (Pvt) Ltd, an entity which is into event planning and marketing. He can be contacted on 0782 974 806.

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