MAZ prioritises Superbrand credibility, consistency – Mbayiwa

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The Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) has assured the market of its commitment to the credibility and consistency of its Superbrand annual awards processes. This was said by MAZ President, Lillian Mbayiwa during the business breakfast meeting held at a Harare hotel to unveil the 2023 top 200 brands last week.

“As Marketers Association of Zimbabwe, we have, over the years, ensured consistency and credibility of the research process to ensure that the Superbrand results are credible. Through the inclusion of auditors, adjudicators and independent researchers, MAZ strives to ensure that the results are consumer determined, with no influence from members,” Mbayiwa said.

The MAZ President, who is also Old Mutual Zimbabwe Head of Group Marketing and Innovation, explained the various stages that culminate in the Superbrand awards ceremony at the end of the year.

“Today we are gathered for the unveiling of the Top 200 brands for 2023. These brands are determined through nationwide consumer-based research. These top 200 brands, will then be taken to the field for further research, in order to finally come up with the Top 20 Business to Business, Top 20 Business to Consumer brands as well as the Overall Superbrand Awards,” she said.

Mbayiwa paid tribute to the various stakeholders such as auditors and researchers that MAZ works with to ensure a credible and transparent Superbrand awards process.

“Let me also appreciate our Superbrand Research partner Xpert Research Insights and our auditors, Grant Thornton. We value your contribution and partnership to the research process and we are guaranteed authentic results.” Mbayiwa said.

Mbayiwa explained the importance of the Superbrand awards in the marketing of goods and services.

“(T)he Superbrand awards are critical to every brand custodian, brand manager, or marketing or public relations practitioner. They give insights on your brand’s performance and customer feedback.

“The Superbrand awards are a very key indicator of your brand’s standing in the market. After the awards are conducted, a detailed report is published with information that is increasingly being used by (marketing) practitioners to gain insights on their brand performance, as well all benchmark their performance by gauging how they are performing each year,” she said

MAZ introduced the Superbrand awards in 2010 to identify, recognise and reward brands that distinguish themselves from the common herd of others through superior performance. 

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