10th CEO Africa Annual Roundtable to tackle key economic issues – Gundani

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This year’s edition of the CEO Africa Annual Roundtable will address a number of pertinent economic issues affecting Zimbabwe, the region and the world. This was revealed by CEO Africa Roundtable Chief Executive Officer, Kipson Gundani this week.

The event, which is pencilled to be held from 12 to 15 June in Victoria Falls, will run under the theme: “The future of Africa: Modernise, Reshape and Grow.”

In an interview with NRTV on the impending conference, Gundani indicated that the issues which the meeting will deliberate on will be informed by the roundtable’s nature as a permanent platform for African decision-makers.

“We have got an obligation as the CEO Africa Roundtable to keep industry leaders conscious of the developments that are happening around the world. The Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is one them. You’ll discover that there are many other emerging issues, for example artificial intelligence is here and here to stay,” he said.

Gundani highlighted that the conference will also discuss other issues such as geopolitical shifts and climate change and its effects on various economic sectors.

“We will also be talking about geopolitical shifts which are obviously affecting trade patterns and the wellbeing of economies and, as leaders in business, you have to be conscious about that. Not leaving issues about climate change. Now we are really reeling from the El Nino-induced drought (and) its implications are far-reaching even in sectors that are non-agricultural. So these are the things that we will be discussing, but not only discussing them but trying to find solutions and how to mitigate against them, Gundani said.

Asked about the highlights of the conference, Gundani commented that the meeting would bring business executives together and provide networking opportunities. He emphasised that the event will also be about discussing and sealing deals.

“I think that the highlight of the roundtable is that you’re coming to meet fellow executives and you need to come there holding something because we will be emphasising deals. It’s a platform where you come to sell, to make deals and to meet your industry peers in one room and have wonderful time there,” Gundani explained.

The other highlight of the roundtable is the trip which delegates will undertake to Chobe in Botswana by bus to foster networking.

“We are going to put these CEOs in a bus to go all the way to Chobe. These are guys who are used to driving their (Toyota Landcruiser) VXs and (Mercedes Benz) S Classes. We will put them in a bus so that they can network and have a feel of yesteryear life when they were still in the village,” the CEO Africa Roundtable leader said.

Gundani revealed that the meeting will be held in Zimbabwe and Botswana.

“The conference is going to take place in two countries, in Botswana and Zimbabwe. So some of the programes will be in Vic Falls and some will be across the border in Chobe,” he said.

Gundani indicated that his organisation was expecting delegates from a number of African countries.

“We are expecting about nine countries. You might be aware that we are now officially registered in five countries, that is Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and Rwanda, but we have also reached out to other peers in East Africa, in particular the DRC, Uganda, Kenya and we are hoping to get delegates coming from all these countries. So we are true in spirit that we want to bring private sector leaders together so that we can begin to discuss critical things, but more importantly, create smart partnerships that can allow us to be real players in global developments,” he said.

Gundani informed that delegates should expect an array of speakers who include President Emmerson Mnangagwa. He said that his organisation was making efforts to bring in former South African President, Thabo Mbeki.

“This year is more interesting in my view. We are bringing interesting characters. We are hoping that former President of South Africa Thabo Mbeki will come to speak about geopolitical shifts and the African renaissance. We are still working on it. We are hoping to get (AfCFTA Secretary General) Wamkele Mene but and (COMESA Secretary General) Chileshe Kapwepwe from COMESA, but more importantly, our humorous President will be there. We had a great time with him last year,” Gundani said.

Other speakers who are expected to address the conference include the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Mangaliso Ndlovu, property developer, Ken Sharpe, Zambian real estate investments director, Mark O’Donnell and Zambian business executive, Yunike Phiri.

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