ESG, sustainability conference on the cards

by Editorial Team
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The Institute of Directors Zimbabwe (IoDZ), the Institute of Chartered Accountants Zimbabwe (ICAZ), and the Institute of Sustainability Africa (INSAF) are set to host the annual ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and Sustainability Conference in September this year. The event, which is set to be held over    three days, will run under the theme: “Driving sustainable futures: Integrating ESG practices in Zimbabwe.”

Details on the dates, venue and speakers will be announced in due course.

“The conference seeks to usher a sustainable platform for sharing experiences, knowledge, and practical approaches and strategies for integrating ESG into practices, corporate governance, leadership, strategies, policies, and sustainable development in Zimbabwe. In 2023, ESG commonly known as sustainability was made mandatory for all public listed companies in Zimbabwe in addition to existing requirements for public sector organisations. As such, this conference seeks to encourage and empower corporates and organisations both in the private and public sector to embrace ESG and build the strength to embark on their ESG and Sustainability journey with their first step,” the three organisations said in a joint media statement issued on Friday.

Some of the objectives of the event include underscoring the significance of ESG for business resilience, corporate performance and driving sustainable development. The event also seeks to provide a platform for knowledge sharing and networking among professionals, experts, and practitioners in the fields of corporate governance, accounting, and sustainability.

The meeting will be used to discuss and debate current trends, challenges, and opportunities related to ESG practices in Zimbabwe. Another objective of the event is to showcase successful case studies and best practices in integrating ESG factors into corporate decision-making processes.

The conference is expected to provide opportunities for sustained policy dialogue on ESG developments in Zimbabwe and to integrate ESG and sustainability in business strategy.

“The conversations and engagements will grow and continue post the annual meeting. This initiative will be kept alive through roundtables, training, forums and one one-on-one sessions throughout the year.  Post the event, position papers, policy submissions, and newsletters, which are relevant to stakeholders, will be published as part of the preparations for the next edition,” read part of the statement.

ESG in business and other sectors is gaining centre stage globally and platforms such as the meeting that the IoDZ, ICAZ and INSAF are organising play a critical role in the understanding, adoption and adaption of the concept by businesses and other organisations.

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